Marianna Hofer Endowment Fund

Marianna L. Hofer loved the arts, those who create it, and our Findlay community. Therefore, it is no surprise that prior to her untimely death in May 2017, she requested that an endowment fund be established to support the artists in our community.

Marianna taught writing at the University of Findlay for 32 years, and was dedicated to her classroom and her students. Marianna’s life outside the classroom was lived for art. She loved being at her studio in the Jones Building, sharing space with other artists. She especially enjoyed the spring and fall Art Walk, where she could share her talents and promote local art and artists. Marianna was an avid photographer, preferring older cameras exclusively using black and white film. She had a keen eye and was a talented art photographer, but her true passion was poetry.

Application Forms:

Online Application for Individual Artists

PDF Application for Individual Artists

Online Application for Arts Organizations

PDF Application for Arts Organizations

The Purpose of the Fund

The purpose of the fund is to fulfill the mission of Providing Hancock County artists, the arts community, and arts educators the funds to pursue their crafts and vision of creating and teaching the arts while transforming themselves and their community.

Distributions from the fund will be for arts education – either education of the artist or artists(s) or for arts education programming provided by the artist or artists. Grants from the Fund must be used for new artistic skills to be learned or existing skills to be further developed by the artist(s) or provided to Hancock County youth and/or adults. The number and the amount of the grants awarded each year will be determined by the Grant Panel identified in the Review Process paragraph below and will depend on the amount of the annual distribution from the Marianna Hofer Arts Endowment Fund and the number and amount of grant proposals received.

Who May Apply?

  • Individual visual, performing, or literary artists and arts organizations residing in Hancock County may apply for grants from the Fund.
  • For the purposes of the grant an artist is defined as someone who makes a living as or whose avocation is visual, performing or literary arts. An arts organization is defined as a 501(c)(3) organization whose mission includes providing visual, performing, or literary arts education.
  • Artists who are enrolled in a degree or certificate-granting program of any kind at the time of application are not eligible to apply.  Applications will not be accepted before graduation date.
  • An artist working full-time as teaching staff at a college or university at the time of application is not eligible to apply.
  • An organization is not eligible for multiple awards during a grant cycle. In addition, an organization and an individual working on behalf of the organization are not eligible to receive separate awards for the same project during a single grant cycle.


Online applications are available on January 10 of each year at Applications are due by 11:59 p.m. on March 1 of each year to Marathon Center for the Performing Arts. Grant awards are announced on April 15 of each year.


The grant requests will be reviewed by a panel of visual, performing, and literary arts professionals from The University of Findlay. The panel will include the department chairs from each discipline or his or her designee. The review panel will not include any representatives from Marathon Center for the Performing Arts.


Grant recipients will receive the approved amount of their request within 10 days of notice of award. Grant requests may be fully or partially funded.


The grant funding must be used for new artistic skills to be learned or existing skills to be further developed by the artist(s) or provided to Hancock County youth and/or adults.


  • Artist attends a training to learn a new technique or skill or deepen his or her knowledge of this technique or skill.
  • Individual artist or a representative from an arts organization attend a training to deepen his or her knowledge about an art form or new techniques for teaching youth.
  • Individual artist or teaching artist employed with or contracted by an arts organization provides arts education programming in visual, performing, or literary arts to youth and/or adults from our community.


The arts education activities covered by a grant must be performed between April 15 and December 31 of the same year of funding.  The grants are not for reimbursement of costs already expended.

When publicizing this grant, please acknowledge support from the Marianna Hofer Arts Endowment Fund of The Findlay-Hancock County Community Foundation.


A final report must be completed and submitted to Marathon Center for the Performing Arts no later than February 1 of each year following completion of the project. Final reports are to be submitted via a digital form accessible at In addition, it is desirable to include photographic documentation with associated media releases for use by The Findlay-Hancock County Community Foundation in online and print marketing materials.

File Submission

  • In addition to the below application, applicants are required to submit files to
  • Individual artists must submit a resume, an itemized budget*, and any other pertinent documents to the grant request.
  • Arts Organizations must include a 1-page description about your arts organization, an itemized budget*, and any other pertinent documents to the grant request.
  • It is desirable that the project is also funded by other means in addition to those provided by this grant. Please indicate additional sources of income for this project.
  • Application